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Journey to Fully Cloud Based Data Protection with Druva

On the second day of Tech Field Day #TFD19 we have gone to Druva after the lunch. I was very excited because I have been told a lot when I was in VMworld Barcelona 2018. The session has started with Jaspreet Singh who is the Founder and CEO of Druva.

As nowadays more and more enterprises move their workloads to cloud, Druva focuses on cloud. This journey has started for 6 years for Druva although it is a 10 year old company. The importance of cloud based operations forced the company to move forward only on the cloud side. Now Druva has 4000+ customers all over the world and manage 150Pb+ data on AWS. The architecture of Druva is quite interesting since it is natively works on AWS.

After a short brief about Druva, W. Curtis Preston's session has began. Simply, Druva is a data protection software that is 100% SaaS built on AWS that provides cloud based data protection. The portfolio of Druva drives into 3 main categories. End Point , Data Center and Cloud Workloads. * Insync: End Point for notebooks, laptops, mobile * Phonex: Data Center for Data Center/Branch Office * Cloud Ranger: Cloud Workloads like Sales Force, Office 365 etc.

Since all the workloads, backup/restore and data operations are managed on Druva, there is no need to have expensive hardware silos, complicated software and skilled backup admins to governance the whole backup process from start to end. For the VM perspective, Druva is more powerful on VMware platform but they are also improving themselves on Hyper-V as well. It takes 10 minutes to download the Virtual Proxy and deploy to vCenter. Druva covers 15 regions including USA. That means your data can be easily stored in all these AWS regions. The number can be more in a short time because of the rising number of customers demands. By logging into Druva Console, the admin teams can handle different operations according to their authorizations. The important and easy part of the console is to use the new features as soon as that they are released. When you think about the other solutions, the new features sometimes can be used in more than 12-18 months. But in SaaS, it is ready after release.

From an admin perspective, it very comfortable to handle all operation from only one dashboard. There are 3 main solutions for data protection. Insync for endpoints, Phoenix for Data Centers and Cloud Ranger for cloud workloads. The licence model is very easy, charge on what you consume.

For the ones who did not hear about AWS Snowball Edge, let me tell a little bit about it. Druva provides AWS Snowball Edge to for the first time backup to transfer the big data to thier system. Each Snowball Edge can store 80Tb data. In order to use with Druva, customized software is preloaded.

When you think about the challanges with traditional backup, there are dozen of things that can be planed carefully. Servers, OS, Software, BackUp Media, Governance and etc. With Druva, you can eliminate the important ones easly.

The advantages of the solution are;

The architecture is fully on AWS which is consisted of EC2: The Compute Part,

RDS: The Configuration Part, DynamoDB: The Metadata Part,

S3: The Data Part,

Glacier: The Archival Part.

The secret behind the SaaS is DynamoDb where metadata and history of the backup is stored. The data is stored in S3. For security reasons, even if you access the S3 you may not have meaningful data without metadata. All the data itself is encrypted using TLS. To handle the different worklloads, The VM's in Druva AWS Architecture are automatically scaling up and down thorugh out the day in order to meet the current workloads. Each chunk ian object in S3.

With Phoniex, admins can control all the backup process and workflows from one console. The Cloud cache is used for local cash to faster the backup up process. You can also backup your workloads like MS-SQL, Oracle easly.

After that Prasanna Malaiyandi was on the deck. He talked about the API's. Druva API’s are ready for basic users and expert users as well. Backup admins can create their own workflows in a short time easly to provide value. Druva Developer Platform provides a rich portal content for developers, Restful API’s, Software Developer Kits, code snippets and Blog to discuss the process, workflows, performance and security issues.

With the Pre-Buil Apps and Integrations, the integration process becomes super easy. With Druva API’s you can create your own automation and track your process with your own code and track the whole process without logging in to the UI.

As a result Druva provides 50%+ total cost (TCO) reduction, removes data silos, simplifies data management, optimized for todays and tomorrow's workload, on-demand scake without limits, no hardware, no software, 90% operational cut.

Thanks Jaspreet Singh, W.Curtis Preston, Navtanay Sinha, Prasanna Malaiyandi for their great presentations and the the personalized gifts at the end. The gifts are awesome and the best for the whole #TFD19.

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