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My First Tech Field Day

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Ethan Banks, Gabe Maentz, Erik Ableson, Karel Novak, Mariusz Kaczorek, Chin-Fah Heoh,

Chan Ekanayake, Karen Lopez, Adam Fisher, Stephen Foskett, Enrico Signoretti (Ben Gage)

It is better to tell more about GestaltIT and Tech Field Day which be easier to understand.

Tech Field Day is an special event of GestaltIT which was organized periodically and open to

any delegate all over the world. GestaltIT creates and shares content for IT professionals and works with technology companies to transfer knowledge by scheduling events.

To be honest, when I have first applied for the Tech Filed Day 17 delegate , I was very excited and curious. There were some bloggers, consultants, vExperts, evangelist and much more...

But after the first welcome dinner, I have became a GestaltIT Family member.

For the agenda, We have spectacular presenters like Cisco, Dell EMC, Oracle and first time quests Hammerspace, DriveScale for me. These sessions were great opportunity to be in the Headquarters of the companies and also meet with the engineers, architectects so that you can ask your questions at any time during the Tech Filed Day 17.

"By the way, If you want to be a delegate , it is very easy. Just fill out the delegate form and submit. After filling the form and be selected, Stephen Foskett and Ben Gage will reach you to explain the details. That is all folks!"


For the first day of Tech Filed Day 17, We have met with David Flynn, CEO of Hammerspace, Douglas Fallstrom, VP of Products at Hammerspace. I have not heard about the company before and was very excited to hear their solutions. Hammerspace which is a young company and focuses on unstructured data across the hybrid multi cloud and offers metadata, Data-as-a-Service to data consumers. Some use cases are cloud analytics with On-Premise Data, global data visibility across silos, discover and prepare data in minutes and lower the cloud data costs. Playing unstructured data easly with Hammerspace is fun.


On the second day of Tech Filed Day 17, we had a compact agenda. Dell, Cisco, Oracle were waiting for the Tech Field Day delegates. We have started our journey with Dell EMC Cyber Recovery 18.1 Introduction. Stefan Voss, Cyber Recovery at Dell EMC has explained the financial breaches and their solutions to malware attacks. From my perspective, the most With Dell Cyber Recovery and Index Engines CyberSense workflow , you can analyze the files and extract the suspious to file share and scan there. It is good to know that your backups are safe and visible.

"Let me introduce our "White Limo". Well, It is my first time in Limo like this. If your are wondering how it look like , ta taaa."


At Cisco, We had there session. Cisco ACI, AI/ML and AI with Kubeflow. Andy Sholomon, Principle Engineer at Cisco has explained how you can reduced provisioning time, reduced operational effort , with Cisco ACI.

Vikas Ratna, UCS Product Management at Cisco had a great viewpoint of how AI is important for us with Cisco AI products. He also told about the Cisco AI/ML strategy that focuses on full data life circle, simplicity and manageability.

Debo Dutta, Distinguished Engineer at Cisco had a presentation with the subjects discussing on "What is AI/ML", "Simplifying customer AI cases" , "Kubeflow" and "Auto ML"


For the last Sessions we have moved to Oracle Campus. Well, It is vey exciting to see the American Cup Winner Catamaran in the lake.

"Find the Catamaran !"

Leo Leung, Sr. Director of Products & Strategy at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure had an great overview of cloud architecture, competative features, connectivity partners, cloud providers price and performance issue.

Adeel Amin, Principal Product Manager at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure had presented how oracle applications can be highly available with JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Demo.

Abhiram Annangi, Principal Product Manager at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure had a demo on containers on Oracle Cloud Platform.


The third day of Tech Feld Day was almost a cushy day with DriveScale. Gene Banman, CEO at DriveScale has presented company profile, ecosystem and partners.

After that session DriveScale Architecture deep dive was explained by Brian Pawlowski, Chief Technology Officer at DriveScale.With a great lunch we have finalized our sessions.

After the lunch , we went to Apple Visitor Center to see the mini model of the Apple Campus. Firtst when you look at the model, you can only see the white model but if you would like to see the people running, working inside the campus, use the Apple Ipad. Woov..

After Apple Campus, we had finally a great location where we can have the best coffee ever.

I would like to thank Stephen Foskett, Ben Gage for their great support and make this happen. Wishing to meet in another Tech Field Day Event.
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